Dear Clients

Some things you might want to know about booking me as your photographer.

You aren’t just booking a wedding photographer. Capturing emotion, intimacy, and all the timeless moments like family formals to the tiny details is what I do best. You are investing in someone who gives their all to create your very first family heirlooms. That’s why when you reach out, we will find out if I am the best fit for you. We will be spending most of the day together, might as well spend it with someone you trust and like. Tell me the story about how you met, what you love about each other and what you're most excited about your wedding day. I want all the details to tell your story well.

I usually book dates about 6 months to a year in advance. Wedding events are booked far in advance, so if you need a wedding photographer – email me ASAP!
Peak wedding season is March – November, and my weekends fill up fast. There’s always a possibility I might be able to help out if you contact me last minute, or can direct you to another local photographer who can. If you’re planning a destination wedding, please inquire about my services as soon as possible. It may be that our calendars coincide or I can adjust my traveling schedule to accommodate your event. Payment plans are available if you want to gift a session or pay off your wedding package in installments.

Keep in mind that I’m not just a photographer. I’m invested in you, both as individuals and as a couple. Need vendors to finish off planning your day? Want my opinion on engagement session outfits & locations? I'm happy to help! Let's grab coffee or FaceTime about it—I love this stuff. Also, I'm here for the long haul. If you need an anniversary session, are expecting a little one or you need to update your family pictures, I am your gal. I love connecting with you beyond your wedding day and seeing your family grow. I aim to be a lifetime photographer that documents the fullness of your story.

I draw inspiration from your day as it unfolds, not a Pinterest list. Pinterest is a great resource tool that I use frequently and love. I know it’s hard to avoid pinning all your favorite photos in an effort to recreate them on your wedding day, but I promise – your images will be a thousand times more genuine and unique if we let them happen naturally. Your story matters to me above any inspiration found on Pinterest. For this reason I do not allow shot lists beyond photos of family members.

There are some things you shouldn’t do without on your wedding day. I’m talking personal details like love letters to each other and some time to be alone and soak up the moment. Couples spend a great deal of time and energy planning an amazing celebration for their guests. But planning how guests should feel and their experience is not just what the day is about—it's about you two! Make an effort to include a sweet surprise for each other, to schedule a quick 10 minutes to sneak away after cocktail hour, or to include little nods to your love story through the music choice, decor and accessories..
There’s nothing more exciting for me to photograph, and those things always make the day even better for everyone.

I travel often. Not getting married in Puerto Rico or Florida? Even better! Although I live in Central FL and travel to Puerto Rico every year, we travel across the country and internationally as well. Ask about All-Inclusive Destination wedding packages.

I specialize in film photography but I shoot digital as well. I am what you would call a hybrid photographer. When I say film, I am not talking about recording a movie, I'm talking about the kind of cameras that captured your grandparents wedding. Film has a timeless look to it and is the most flattering to my clients. It compliments natural light best, as well as any kind of skin tones. Because developing and scanning is costly, shooting film is my investment to you. You deserve the best quality of images!

I have a pretty quick turnaround. I aim to have your photos delivered within 6-8 weeks of your wedding day.
Images are sent to you and your guests via a private digital gallery for sharing, print purchasing, and social media sharing.

Anything else you'd like to know? Send me a message and we can chat some more!

The Wedding Experience

There are several things that we believe are crucial to a great wedding photography experience and beautiful photos. Every custom tailored package begins with the following:

A complimentary engagement session, wedding day timeline planning, an online gallery with downloadable high res digitals, and a tangible product.

After booking, we'll schedule your engagement session. This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding photography process! Engagement sessions act as a “test run” for you two in front of the camera. I’ll be by your side the entire wedding day—so I want you to feel comfortable and like a friend is with you rather than just your photographer! My goal is for you to really enjoy your day and that you soak in every moment. This is the best day of your life we're talking about!

Also available are albums, prints, extra coverage, and additional portrait sessions.


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The AHP Bride

The AHP bride is passionate about living her life to the fullest and tries to not take the relationships around her for granted. She is genuine and caring, and has the tendency to make everyone she comes into contact with feel comfortable.

She loves to have fun, pays attention to details and loves to show her affection.
She is excited to plan a beautiful wedding, but is even more excited for her marriage to begin. She knows that in 10 years, her wedding pictures will be what anyone remembers and she doesn't regret investing in it!