An Organic + Relaxed approach to family Sessions


I preserve the beauty of everyday life by embracing the imperfect and unpredictable. My approach to family sessions is organic + relaxed.
I want my clients to feel at ease and comfortable in front of my lens so I can capture the essence of who they are.

Creating art for your family portraits means I'll show up with my film cameras, a game plan to make sure your family has fun during your session and lots of energy to keep up with the little ones. As a wife and mother, I know firsthand how fleeting memories really are. You can rest assure I will photograph your family with heartfelt passion, capturing each personality as it unfolds in the moment. We'll put those valuable moments, memories and feelings from our time together into something tangible you can cherish and hold forever.

While weddings are my primary focus, I take a limited amount of sessions in between wedding season. If you want portraits of your family this year, ones that you absolutely adore, click below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sessions do you do?
Pregnancy announcements, Maternity, Newborn, Mommy and Me—you name it! Any occasion that asks for snuggles and happiness, I'm there to document it.
Do you shoot film?
Yes! You’ll still receive everything digitally, though–no negatives to keep track of! Shooting film means my top priority is light, so we’ll plan on spending most of our shoot in the brightest spots of your home.
But my house is really messy and not Pinterest-y?
If you have at least one good-sized window and a door that leads to outside, you have a picture worthy home. We can split our time between your home and another spot that’s meaningful to your family. Or do an outdoor session. I have plenty of locations that are perfect backdrops for your family.
When will I get my pictures?
Galleries are delivered within two weeks after session date.
How do I book you?
Sign an agreement and send it over with the session fee and you're good to go!
Will you help me figure out outfits?
Yes of course! Anything you need, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.
What about travel?
If you’re traveling to Florida and would like to book a session, I have locations waiting to photograph families that are passing through.
If you’re far away and want to book a session, I’d love to. Right now, raising a little family of my own, I’m booking one trip per year. Contact me for details.
But Ashley, my husband doesn't like pictures and my kids will be crazy!
Been there! I bribe my own husband for our annual family pictures. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make sure they have a good time and it doesn't feel like pulling teeth. I'm "dad + kids" approved!


Choose your own adventure and let me capture your legacy

Family Portraits are captured entirely on film

-All images are hosted online for 9 months for proofing & ordering
-Options for clients to purchase prints, products and/or digital files available
-There are no travel fees for sessions taking place in Polk County
-$25 per additional person if group is larger than 8 (extra time will be allotted)

Everything above covers mini sessions, full sessions and holiday specials.

Choose your session

Mini Sessions

  • Up to 30 minutes, film scanning and developing
  • A professional gallery for ordering, sharing, high-resolution downloading, and printing
  • A Non-Commercial Print Release for 8 High Res Images
  • Limited availability per month

Full Session

  • Up to 1 hr of shooting, film scanning and developing
  • A professional gallery for ordering, sharing, high-resolution downloading, and printing
  • A Non-Commercial Print Release for 20 High Res Images

Calendar of Available Dates