Tips on a Successful Family Session

  1. Parents: don't feel like you have to micro manage your kids. You're off the hook! Focus on how madly in love and happy you are with your spouse and let your children be themselves. They're unpredictable and have meltdowns—trust me, I experience them at every session. Sometimes they need a break and I've learned that they always bounce back. If there's one thing you are allowed to do and I want you to remember in our session is: be happy. I have a game plan to make dads and kids enjoy their session ;)
  2. Coordinate family outfits by choosing colors that compliment each other. By picking similar tones, you display how you belong together in a subtle way instead of in a distracting way like matching outfits. Let me say that again, no matchy matchy.
  3.  Have fun! Enjoying your session from start to finish adds magic to our time together. Feel free to communicate how I can make this experience extra enjoyable for you!

What to Wear

When it comes to showcasing your family, neutrals are the ideal colors to wear. Consider the location that will be the backdrop of your session and take inspiration from that—if it's at a beach, use the color pattern that's already there: blues, sandy tones and light pink hues. Stay away from greens! Here are a few suggestions on combinations: