Raney & Tyler Announce their Engagement | Lakeland, FL

I don't know where to begin so let's start at the beginning. Raney is one of those girl bosses who works hard. I've talked about her before, the way her clothing conceptualizes femininity and how every one should own her pieces. She also happens to be an amazing singer/songwriter, because she's the definition of an artist. But beyond that, Raney is an incredible friend. She frees her schedule to meet up with me, has encouraged me to do photography full time and never fails to think of Alana when she has extra fabric for baby headbands. For this and so much more, I was excited to celebrate with her and Tyler on their engagement! They fit together seamlessly, complementing each other's quirks and taking every opportunity to laugh in between frames. They made it easy for me to document these moments without much direction at all. Congratulations guys!

10 Joys about being a Mom | Motherhood Monday


Last week's post got a little push back and a whole lot of love. I'm okay with that. That means it made you feel something; it opened up some good conversation and it became a bridge to talk to women in my life who aren't mothers yet. I loved every minute of it.

So for this week, I wanted to share a list of the joys of motherhood, in no particular order of course:

1. Life has a purpose beyond yourself. 

2. You are limitless. Birthing a human gives you that kind of superpower.

3. When else do you get to witness someone experience every single thing for the first time? How cool is that?

4. Life is never dull. 

5. Bursting with so much love you don’t know what to do with yourself. And yes, the rainbow of emotions that come with this immense love can be terrifyingly beautiful.

6. Getting old isn't so bad because you're seeing them grow up with you. 

7. Parenting keeps you grounded and present. 

8. I’m facing my own fears so my daughter can face her own. 

9. I’m constantly inspired by her curiosity and wonder. 

10. Ordinary moments become an opportunity for joy.

I could go on and on about this topic but I wanted to keep it brief and to the point. The joy I experience is so full and so mighty because I go through the hard stuff, the tension, the pulling of sacrifice. What motherhood has ruined for me has, ironically, set me up to be a successful mom. What this means to me is that I'm the one that gets to find joy in this season of parenting, nurturing and mothering. My joys are never ending; countless.