Lake Louisa State Park, Orlando FL Engagement | B+M

There is something magnetic about Brittany & Michael. They are so easy to hang out with that for a second, I had forgotten what I was doing with them in the middle of a state park. Brittany was stunning, wearing a baby's breath crown she had fashioned on her way to the session. Michael was at ease, loving our little Alana from the distance. I was so impressed by Michael since he's studying to become a pediatrician, planning a wedding and possibly relocating because of his job to another state before the year ends. That's a lot!!!! And yet, he was so chill. I gave them cues to be all lovey dovey and they ran with it. They were beaming with so much love for each other and it was evident. God's grace is so thick in their lives, I could not have asked for a more perfect couple. I've said it many times before but, I am always amazed at the way God answers my prayer for the right clients. Brittany and Michael was an answered prayer for sure!