Hannah & Ty

Hannah & Ty met on March 3rd of 2018, during a Parker Street neighborhood cleanup. They collected trash from a few properties that were hoarded and hit if off immediately. They had so much fun together, that they kept hanging out. They decided that where they met would be the best ceremony spot for them. I believed there was something special and sacred about this place, that God would honor Hannah & Ty’s servant hearts. I didn’t know how but I knew that more blessings would come from this place. After all, the abandoned building was the perfect backdrop to their intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

And you know what? A few weeks after their wedding, it was announced that the building will serve for affordable housing in Lakeland. Their love story began while picking up trash and serving their neighborhood. I invite you to see a few of my favorites from their day and to witness the beauty that is found in unlikely places.

Ashley was great! Very easy to get along with, the whole thing kind of felt like meeting up with a friend to take some pictures. She took time to get to know us, asked us what kind of stuff we were hoping for and also offered ideas that we didn’t even think about. She was definitely dedicated — taking our pictures in the heat and being kind and helpful!
— Hannah