Film Photography is not something you can pick up without trial and error. That is, until Jonathan Canlas created Film Is Not Dead in a Box. I jumped at the opportunity of being one of the first people to try it out.  It came at the right time: I was debating if I should start implementing it on my workflow but wasn't sure I could afford the trial and error period. Guess what? I didn't have to! If you are a complete beginner on the edge of shooting film or you know the basics but want to dig deeper, this is for you. There are over 400 pdf pages of info about film stocks, exposure, posing, directing, cameras and light. But more than having that valuable information, I loved the videos where you can see Jon implementing that info while shooting families and weddings. There are even videos of him culling, editing and blogging! 


But wait, there's more! When you become a FiaB user, you'll be joining an online community that gets behind you. Heck, I was shocked to see some of the film photographers I admire in this community! I have access to their knowledge at the tip of my fingers. This is my go-to guide when in need of inspiration, when I want to refresh my memory about metering film, have a solid plan for shooting a family, etc. I just put the pdf files on my mobile device and read it wherever I want. This guide is also the main reason I am now shooting confident in low light situations as well.

This guide is everything you need to make you a better photographer aka establish yourself in your community and raise your prices! This is an investment in YOU. Are you ready to have your mind blown, to start shooting film?

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the ohana GUIDE

Photographing families is an art form. Not everyone knows how to approach family sessions that result in happy, authentic images. I'm going to keep it real—I learned how to practice shooting families using the "Ohana means family" guide. It's almost 200 pages full of information that covers the basics like posing, locations, handling difficult sessions, culling and pricing all in one pdf. I love reading through this guide time and time again. It's shown me how to use my personality strengths to create a fun experience for my clients. If you want to nail those family sessions, invest in yourself by grabbing this guide.

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All these words are my own and this is 100% not a promotional page. 
Although Jon is kind enough to send a few bucks my way every time someone buys a guide through me.
The money I earn with this is used for buying film for personal projects.