Good Photography is worth investing in.
Vision: My approach to photography and the client experience I offer my clients is what sets me apart. My work is described as organic because I do not duplicate my work for the sake of fitting a mold—it's tailored and relevant to my client's personality & vision. 

I specialize in film photography, but I shoot digital as well. 
Shooting film is my investment to you because it produces the highest quality of imagery; It captures light most magically & flatters skin tones best. Digital photography cannot replicate the textures & highlights the way film does. This keeps my style consistent & allows me to focus on building relationships with my clients and my community because I'm not stuck behind my computers for hours on end.

  I have a fine art approach: I believe in the providing my clients with valuable products that they deserve.
The prints & products I offer are of professional, archival quality, meant to last over 100 years.
 I am in this business for you and I simply offer these products for your convenience,
knowing that you can trust the quality of work I provide from the moment we meet to when the products are in your hands.
This is the kind of client experience you are worthy of. I'm a photographer, not a salesperson. I want you to have all the artful images we create together which is why you’ll receive digital files to share on social media and I offer high resolution files for personal printing/archiving.
But please, don't let your memories sit on your computer.
Photography is meant to be tangible: images belong on your walls, in albums, and ultimately in your grandchildren's’ hands.

Things you should know:

  • You can book a free consultation via Skype or in person to see if I'm the right fit for you.
  • Payment plans are available for your convenience. I know that photography is an investment and I want my work to be accessible to you.
  • A non-refundable retainer and signed agreement are required to book your session
  • Photography session rates are subject to change at any time

 I would be happy to share my current pricing with you, inquire below!